We encourage the supernatual, or divine spiritual intervention activities in your life, so others may be edified,  bless, and to proclaiming that the holy sprit is evident in our lives even today.  

The bible which is the true word of God, cannot lie, Proverb 22:6 Said, train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
In the month of April 2012, my son who is a junior in high school came home one day with a sqare box raped in gold paper, I asked him, what was this box about, he replied, Heaven, I said, what you mean. He started to explain, he said, the teacher told them to construct a project that is important to them and explain the reason for the project.
He said, he was born and raise in a christian home with christian parents, go to church every sunday, all he knows is the christian way of life, and to him heaven is a real place according to the teaching of the bible, that when we die as christians, we go to meet Jesus in heaven.
I took the golden box from him and looked at the front, are golden strips representing the golden gate, inside are street pave with gold, beautifull green lawn, Sky light, gold mansions, blue sky and cloud.
I laught, but in my heart I was rejoycing thanking and praising God thinking, here I am praying every day for my son protection and academic success, and here, God has inspired him to give his school, teachers, school mates a gleams of heaven, I felt proud of my son, because I know it is a very un-popular thing to do as a teenager in these day and age, but he stood up for what he beleived in, as a true testimony of his faith.