About Us

Deacon Edwards (Visionary)
Officially ordained, served in various capacity of Christian ministries including: Head Deacon, Praise and worship team member, Fund raising committee, Head of security, Men's leader, Prayer Worrior, Finance Committee, Music department as a drummer, Audio/Visual and sound system engineer, head of the visiting team, alter and communion assistant, Evangelism team.
(A Technological System Engineer by profession)

My Accomplishment at Faith Christian church
Prior to completion of the new facility my bishop took me over to take pictures and video of the almost completed church facility, he was explaining to me the blue print plan of the area where is now called the over flow of the santuary, he said, " that area was going to be separated by a glass partition followed by a balcony over the lobby.  I told him, if he did that he is going to loose valuable sanitary space, he thought about it and then said, "you right" and called the contractor in my present and told him, the man replied, the plan must be change.
Before the opening, the bishop took me back to the completed facility with all the audio/visual and sound system in place, we met two men who was just finishing the projectors installation.
The bishop said to me, " brother Francis, we are going to need help, if we have to send you to school we will, I told him, let me think about it, but no need to send me to school, I will save the church some money. The next day I went back I met the same two men the day before, they said to me that they were living, done.
I said to them, are you going to show me how this works, they said no, they said, they don't know how it works, they were just here to run the cables and make the connections. Now remember at that time, as far as I know, this was the only high tech church I knew of in the Boston area, I had no experience with any of it, the bishop was downstairs, now after the two engineer left the bishop decided to pay me a visit upstairs and found everything working, he was very excited, and said, " You did it, you something else".
People was coming from all over the city to see that church, it was the talk of the town then. The bishop put me in charge of that department, then I was all alone operating songShow application and the mixing board. In May of 2002 came the opening I did it all including setting up an over flow Audio/visual output feed display downstairs, because upstairs were filled.
I also installed an (8) camera surveillance system in that church all by myself. 
So, I thank God for blessing me with such gifts and talent that I was able to have contributed to this structure to some degree, all to his glory.
I have since then left that church in 2011 and now worship at Jubilee Christian Church.
Mission Statement
Our sole purpose is to lift-up JESUS with praise, worship in songs, gospel music entertainment, provides group visual biblical education, spiritual support to anyone desire, the sick and shot-in, hospitals and prisons visits in an effort to bring comfort and joy to the hearts, souls and spirit of God's people.
JOHN 12:32

Here you have been given a choice of business cards to print, give them to friends, family members, neighbors, business associates, church brothers & sisters, events organizers, Ministers & auxiliary leaders, hospitals and prisons chaplains, etc.